Qubic has been delivering converged voice and data solutions for over 20 years. The vast majority of our technical service team have been with us for over ten years; some have even been with us since the start – you cannot buy that kind of experience.


We invest heavily in training our technical teams. Engineers spend, on average, six weeks of the year on training courses arranged by product manufacturers such as HP, Mitel or Microsoft to ensure that their knowledge is always up-to-date and they are full trained to support the latest products.

The accumulated knowledge and experience lets us deliver and support high-quality added-value solutions to our customers.


Qubic is fully committed to its Apprenticeship programme and has been recruiting and training young people since the company first began. Currently, we start an average of six apprentices a year.

Each apprentice is given an annual progress map detailing what they need to achieve with quarterly milestones set.  The apprentice has the flexibility to work through this list in any order they wish but they are required to complete each quarter’s programme within the agreed timescale.  They are assessed on the achievement of each milestone.  Their guided learning would also includes course work covered within their respective apprentice training.

We possible, apprentices that complete the full course are offered full time employment within the organisation.